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All those involved with FADS get first hand experience on applying their field of interest to work towards a goal and outcome. With FADS, they get to enhance their skills while building a network of creatives that share a common interest in the fashion world.

FADS also gives SU students the space to pursue fashion-related interests outside of their major, with the opportunities and professional environment to prepare them for creative careers.


The Fashion and Design Society

is a diverse group of career minded individuals at Syracuse University who share a passion for creativity, design, and fashion.


FADS is an open environment for the discussion of new ideas that brings important concerns of the global fashion industry to the forefront at Syracuse University.


We give a chance for students to gain real-time experience in fields that might be career avenues for them in the future.


FADS has general member meetings, model training, and fashion design meetings each week to collaborate with on our work for our shows, photo shoots, and events.

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